Haiku splash/boot screen

I just installed rev 22056 off of haikuhost to a bfs partition. I noticed that the boot/splash screen doesn’t contain the usual “haiku” screen but instead a bar in the upper left corner composed of 16 colors (colorbar?). Also I tried hitting the space bar to access the bootloader options menu but that didn’t do anything either. The last few revisions I’ve played with have done the same thing, but I have a copy of haiku burnt to a cd from April and it displays the normal “haiku” splash screen . What is going on? Is the boot image corrupt? It’s really nice seeing the haiku logo and also handy to be able to enter the bootloader menu to select things such as defining a safe graphics mode. Any ideas?

I have seen the same thing on occasion - I think when I was testing out the intel_extreme video driver…

My guess is you are not hitting the spacebar soon enough - I’ve found that hitting it repeatedly during and after POST generally works.

Come to think of it I used the “live cd” on my old computer, I knew I should’ve kept it! Currently I have the intel 810e chipset. You are right about the spacebar thing, I wasn’t hitting it fast enough. I’ll have to buy a video card that is compatible with Haiku. What video and sound cards are compatible with Haiku --> currently I get black & white with no sound.

Video: two of the better choices for video cards:

NVIDIA GeForce ( upto 7900 listed in the driver )
ATI Radeon ( upto X850 listed in the driver )

I’d suggest Geforce because better support / performance in Linux too.

The older / earlier Geforces & Radeons work really well. Have not tested with this newer ones.

For Audio: SB Live 5.1 ( before the Audigy 1 & 2 ).

Almost all SB Lives work with Haiku. Some Audigy 1 / Audigy 2 cards work, but you have to know which.

Creative is the best for sound cards. The Live 5.1 lasted long because they were really good. Most used computer stores will have these.

Haiku’s driver supports SB chipsets with:
EMU10K1 ( SB Live )
EMU10K2 ( Audigy 1 & 2 )

NO other SB cards, & NO EMU10K1X support. Read here: