Haiku ShowImage bug

I use UniversalMouse for scrolling, and I happen to have my middle mouse button mapped both to double-click and universal scroll. The scrolling doesn’t work under R5’s ShowImage for some reason, but to my delight, under Haiku’s it does! However, it also selects a filled-in area the colour of whatever pixel was under the mouse when you start scrolling. On click, you can see it start to select, then scrolling is fine (it doesn’t follow around/actually select anything yet), then when you let go of the middle button, it starts following the mouse, filling in solid. As the mouse moves, it flickers between solid and transparent, but when you’re not moving, it’s solid black or white or whatever was under the mouse when you started. Clicking and right-clicking won’t disable it–at this point I have to press escape to get it to go away.



Other than that, really solid app. Works very well, and I love the alt-up alt-down feature. If only I can figure out what these Browse features do…

Thanks muchly,


Thanks for that Kev.

Can you please submit this on our BUG database ?


That way I can assign it to the correct developer.

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actually just hang off on this at the moment, the bugs db isnt working to our satisfaction and I’m looking to get that changed. I’ll post back when its cool.

Besides, I did try to do that, and there were only 4 or 5 apps added in at the time, ShowImage not being one of them.

BTW, thanks to whoever replaced my image with a link. Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.


Uh…“no products available” (wasn’t there DiskProbe before?) Are we switching bug trackers?


Kev wrote:
Uh..."no products available" (wasn't there DiskProbe before?) Are we switching bug trackers?

In fact, we’re moving to a new bug tracker. For the time being, can you report this on the openbeos sourceforge bugtracker ? Thanks.

Just for any other semifrustrated user’s reference:


…this isn’t really linked to from anywhere obvious to me on either the old site or the new one…