Haiku R1/beta4, Release Candidates!

Hello again, everyone!

We now are down to the Release Candidate stage of the R1/beta4 release process! There were some important fixes to the kernel, bootloader, and drivers since TC0, so if you can, please do test these builds also.

The builds, sha256sums, and signatures can be downloaded from RC0 LINK REMOVED :wink: , :heart: Alex (or from your IPFS console, if you have one of those.)

If there are any critical regressions you notice compared to TC0, please report them immediately. Otherwise, within a few days we will likely release the full R1/beta4. :slight_smile:


can we just update from r1b4_tc0 before ?

Added my findings here, see at least the “High” labelled items. Thanks for all the hard work so far! :smiley:

BR//Karl aka qwilk/@xoblite

Yes, if you are using R1/beta4 TC0 you should just be able to update as-normal.

Do note there were some fixes to the EFI loader, though, so if you have that installed on your system EFI partition you will have to update it manually.


Is there an easy to find change log of what did change between those two releases? Will grab the RC now and give it a whirl on the same machines I did before.

Here’s a draft for the Release Notes:



I suppose you mean the changes between the first r1beta4 test image and this latest RC. You won’t be able to directly compare them - maybe if you roughly know the date of their respective releases - here you find the commit log of the beta4 branch (you can switch at the top right):


If the UEFI volume were to be served as a separate document in a future release, could it be maintained by a dummy target in HaikuPorts or the main Haiku Repo? It might save some bandwidth to not have to download a whole ISO DVD image just for the UEFI volume contents. I realize that in a beta release, these things will not happen overnight. Would a zipfile or other archive format be adequate to store the files in until it can be unpacked into place? (I’m thinking about the way that the default version of Java is installed as a dummy package on HaikuPorts so that it can be maintained in conjunction with other version control techniques.)

Will you present the release notes for comment before we roll out the release?

Just to lower the odds important things are missed. For example, I’d expect to have the issue of Web+ locking curl thread mentioned in the ‘Known Issues’. It seriously spoils the browsing fun and will get noticed.

I just noticed a Radeon HD accelerant in the proper folder and my card seems to already be using it! @3dEyes , do you have the source for Warzone 2100 handy? I want to take it for a spin! I tried building from the unmodified sources but the texture compressor started looking for a BSD looking header that’s not there called sys/timex.h.


I got the texture compressor to compile but now the RE2 regular expression library doesn’t seem to work right. I tried the accelerant under Bugdom and it works great!

The release notes are on the trac wiki, feel free to edit them if you have things to add there:https://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/R1/Beta4/ReleaseNotes


In WebPositive Users can now drag the globe icon in the address bar onto the Desktop, creating a shortcut on the Desktop to that URL

That doesn’t seem to work?

As a very irregular user, putting a HaikuDepot icon on the desktop might be a good idea to help people find their way.


I removed the globe-dragging from the release notes. And added an entry for WebPositive’s cpu core maxing curlThread to the “Known issues”.

@waddlesplash: feel free to edit (or remove? it’s after all just one of many bugs plagueing Web+, albeit frequently hit…).

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Tested this on a M1 MacBook Pro using UTM using default settings.

Installation media boots no problem. After installation, won’t boot from hard drive using EFI (I tried both GUID and Intel partition map). It will boot from the hard drive with legacyBIOS by unchecking EFI Boot in QEMU settings under tweaks.

Once booted into either the hard drive or the installation media the mouse is unresponsive for about 30secs to a minute and then it works no problem. If you select Force PS/2 controller from the QEMU settings the mouse works without issue.

Shutdown and Rebooting:
Selecting Shutdown the system will shutdown without issue using both EFI(installation media) and legacyBIOS(installation media and hard drive) options. Using legacyBIOS it will deadlock on “Asking other processes to quit” when trying to restart, using EFI it can reboot without issue. IMO this problem might be on the UTM side because I’ve had other virtual machines deadlock on restart using legacyBIOS.

Later today I"ll upgrade my Pentium 4 with beta 3 to this version and I’ll let you know if there are any issues that might pop up on that computer.

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I intend to do a major overhaul of those release notes before they get published on the main website, to be sure, but I’ll try to leave in the important bits others have noted. :slight_smile:


There is now an RC1, which patches RC0 in some pretty minor ways (fixing the Welcome and Quick Tour page loads, mostly.) You can download it from RC1 LINK REMOVED :wink: , :heart: Alex. Thanks again for testing!


I would wait until after the new year to release Beta 4.

Releasing during a holiday will not be good for publicity. Most people will be on vacation with their families and will not have time for testing a new release. News sites will not have time to publish news, and few will read them.

The opposite is usually true after a holiday: people are tired of being on holiday (bored) and looking for something to do. So a release date a few days into the new year would be the best option.


Hmm, perhaps that’s true for commercial projects, but I was thinking just the opposite. When I had a “regular” job, I would have more time for Haiku and other such things during the holidays, and then after the New Year and back to the office, I’d have less again.

Maybe some people will not check out Haiku until after the new year even if we release tomorrow (as currently planned), but is that really a problem? I don’t think we’re trying to catch some kind of “critical moment” here. If the Promotion Team were more active this seems to be the kind of thing they could evaluate and make a formal decision on, but otherwise I don’t see a reason to delay the release arbitrarily hoping for “more publicity” due to some kind of magically better timing.


It should be release if it is finished!

If someone will wait, they can download the Beta 4 release next year!
What is this all about?

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