Haiku R1/beta4 and ipw2915ABG wifi

Hello to the comunity, new Haiku user here, I am want to just try the system from USB stick, but encounter some problems.

I have a Dell Latitude 110L laptop with ipw2915ABG wifi adapter. When I run R1/beta4 and doing “install-wifi-firmwares.sh” the adapter pop-ups in network settings as normal, but after I choose wifi access point and write a password - the window with SSID and password just reappear with error (can’t connect, possibly wrong password). Then I made the same things with R1/beta3, and the wifi works. Its disconects and reconects at random, but at least it works.

So, it seems the problem with R1/beta4, can it be fixed?

Your wireless card are not listed to our hardware database, so only you can say if it is running with Haiku. But as alternative you can try a external wireless adapter.

Actually its Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG (Calexico2)

If you open a ticket it can be investigated, the forum is the wrong place for bug reports


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Thanks for advice.