Haiku OS in window 10 using VMWare?


is this possible to rum Haiku Os in Window 10 by using VMWare?


It should be possible - i never tried since i only run it on bare metal :slight_smile:


Is Haiku OS based upon Window, Linux or Unix Os?


Just with BeOs


Yes it should do. You need to set the minimum ram to 512 mb iirc


Yes, it is totally possible.
Download the nightly iso image, create a virtual machine and then install HaikuOS.
Don’t forget to install the vmware tools from a HaikOS terminal window.
There are so screen resolution limitations but it works.


Yes it works fine. That’s what I’m using for my primary Haiku setup.


No. Haiku is designed from scratch as it’s own system, from the kernel to the cursor. It is inspired by, and currently binary compatible with BeOS. It is mostly posix compliant, so some of it is familiar to those using other Unix like systems.