Haiku on virtualbox

I tried HAiku on virtualbox via a vmdk image. I wanted to resize harddisc because its not enough.(only 50 mb free space). I tried to create a new vdi file and clone it but it seems harddisc remains the same size. When i checked the free space with “df” command still there is 50 mb free space.

I think a resizing operation required but Haiku wont let this kind of operation for existing partitions.

So, is the document (https://www.haiku-os.org/guides/virtualizing/virtualbox#part_vmimage) wrong or am i missing something?

Also i could not mount harddisc from a new generated vdi. I can see it on the list of disc utility but cant do anything with it.

Thanks, in advance.

Not sure about cloning since I have not tested that out. You can also create the new vdi and then use the installer to re-install Haiku to the bigger drive. That should work. Look for Installer in Haiku menu and run it.

To mount a hard drive you have to create a vmdk and attach it to the virtual machine. See this:

Read the warning carefully! Make sure you do not boot your host OS as your guest OS. ie, be very careful on the boot order in virtualbox.

Understand that you will get corruption for any file that is used by the host and guest at the same time!

Personally, I just install it on a larger disk in the VM. That usually can get you around most issues.