Haiku on Notebook with Wireless LAN

hello all.
first of all, i’m absolutely new to haiku and never tried it before (or beos). on my desktop pc i use windows for gaming and because i got windows 7 for free (yes, absolutely legally ;-). but i also want to give haiku a try, i have a notebook which i want to use with haiku. so what i want to know is, will wireless lan work? i don’t know much about haiku but what i heard sounds interesting. i just had some experiences with bsd and linux before, now i’m searching for another alternative. i realy need my wireless lan to work on my notebook, so that’s a requirement for me to try haiku.
my notebook is a “HP 550”, and the device for wireless lan is from broadcom.
it would be nice if someone could tell me if wireless lan already works.


The Haiku experimental wifi stack has to be installed and it only supports Atheros based wireless on unencrypted networks. I think there is a broadcom driver in development but even then you still have the issue of not being able to connect to an encrypted network.

The one thing that you have to keep in mind is that Haiku is not mature yet and is not an alternative to Linux or another mature OS mainly because it lacks drivers and some every-day applications: instant messaging support for MSN and Yahoo networks for example. But if you are interested then by all means have a look at Haiku and show it to your friends too.

Haiku is not far off the first full release and things should grow a bit quicker (as developers finally have a stable base to work from). Things have been coming along very well in the past year so the future looks bright.

hello and thank you for the answer.
i know that haiku is not mature yet, but i would have tried it anyway if there was a possibility to use wifi.
so maybe i’ll get my old pc out of the cellar and give it a try on that one :wink: