Haiku on Glada Mini-PC

Has anyone managed to run Haiku (nightlies) on one of these?


Or does anyone look at the specs and see a reason why it would NOT run? Where I live I can only buy this online, so I can’t waltz into the store with a USB stick and say “I’ll buy it if it boots THIS”.

While it is not very expensive, it’s still more than I would like to pay for a doorstop.

It looks similar to my Intel NUC box (i3-4010U), which is another low-power mini-PC. And Haiku also boots fine on my 3rd-gen i5 as well (H77 chipset vs the HM76 chipset on the giadapc).

However, it doesn’t mention what chipset the Ethernet and Wireless use, and there may be potential for these to cause issues.

The Intel NUC is also available here, in several variations, but according to the specs it is HDMI only. The Giada has a VGA port that will work with my perfectly workable Acer monitor. The fewer adapter cables, the better!