Haiku on Acer Aspire One (AW150)


old-time BeOS user signing in.
I installed a Haiku image (r27588) on a flash USB disk after reading a thread in the developer maillist archive. I booted my AA1 and lo and behold, Haiku actually booted… and it booted quickly.
However, as fast as it booted it kernel paniced as well.

Has anyone been able to get it to run properly (albeit possibly limited h/w support) on an AA1?

it’s a slightly different beast than the eeePC which has been posted about quite a few times, but I couldn’t find any info on the AA1…

Well well, what do you know.
Choosing a smaller USB stick (512) and having it completely erased up front did the trick. Haiku now boots happily and it’s actually usable (except for sound, wifi, and some other things)

I have it running as my only OS from the ssd on my one 110, with Dustin Howett patch for network.