Haiku on a Laptop

Hello All,

A quick background - Back in the day I was a user of BeOS, and always loved it. When Be Inc went belly up, I stuck with it as long as I could, but eventually I shifted over to Mac OS. I have always kept an eye on OpenBeOS/Haiku, but only recently have I decided to bite the bullet and get into Haiku. The decisions that Apple has made with OS X Lion helped with this decision greatly.

So, I need to buy a Haiku compatible system. I have looked at the list on Haikuware, and it seems to be fairly sparse on details. What I would really like is to be given a suggestion on a laptop (that is fairly recent) that I should go out and buy. I don’t mind some fiddling, but I would really prefer if sound and wifi ultimately could be made to work.

I really appreciate the help!