Haiku Network Kit

I’m new to Haiku development and have purchased an ebook on the subject. It’s very informative and it does exactly what it says on the tin, however I cannot find any material online about programming using the Network Kit.

Is there any Haiku/BeOS material on using the Network Kit? Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

BeBook first good source to look at:

Look for other information here:

There is also some older source code examples here:

I have seen both of these previously, however the BeBook simply gives me class references and not really a functional example, while the sample code looks a bit over complicated for me. Perhaps I’m jumping in a bit too deep :3

Either way, thank you both very much for your help :smiley:

Most code and apps use BSD sockets code. For now I think it is the way to go.

Yes I’ve downloaded the Be sample and I’ve noted that the majority use the “C” BSD socket not the Network Kit class… strange!

Maybe the Network Kit is not so useful?