Haiku Mouse Problem



I can’t install Haiku to hardware, because USB mouse does not work. I used two different Zotac Mini PC with USB3 and USB2, no mouse. I used a Shuttle XPC 3770 Series USB3 and USB3, no mouse. I used a Fujitsu PC (newer one) boot with kernel panic. The only way to use Haiku is Virtual Box. I did several changes in BIOS, but no change. I hope that this problem is solved in Beta 1.




Dont hope, be proactive. Create a ticket at dev.haiku-os.org, as this is just a forum, thus not the right place for bugreports.

Ps: do not forget to check the existing tickets, maybe it is already reported. Use the search function.


Alternatively, you can try booting in safe-mode. There is more info: