Haiku monthly activity report - 08/2018 | Haiku Project

Time has come and a new monthly activity report arrived with it. It is the first time I write something this long in english. Enjoy!

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Nice article, you did a great job jjpx!

i hope the beta will enable the efi support.

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Indeed. @jessicah is working hard on automating it (hopefully :slight_smile: ) Keep in mind EFI is only in the 64-bit images and won’t be in the 32-bit ones.

If @jessicah doesn’t finish, I might manually hack in our EFI loader to the final R1 Beta 1 images. Keep in mind that there isn’t an automated installation method for EFI (yet). The process isn’t too hard though if you know all the right partitions to create and where to copy our bootx64.efi.