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Hi there, it's time for the monthly report! (yes, I'm still out of inspiration for catchy headlines)

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Again, an excellent activity report even if there are no catchy headlines.

The 32bit/64bit hybridization appears to be progressing well.

One thing - Unless all my calendars, hard-copy and soft-copy, are off, there are thirty-one days in July. So, a release of the report a day early?


Very nice to see someone working on a related solution. Good luck korli!


Glad to see one more month with nice achievements. Thank you for pushing the hardware support forward.


I had some time free yesterday in the evening and was too tired to concentrate on coding tasks, so I did this. The reports are sometimes up to 15 days late, so… it would be great if other people wrote them more often (and you don’t have to know much about coding, it’s just about reading the git commit log and rephrasing it a bit).


A very old patch by Julien Lepiller was merged, which lets MediaPlayer remember the volume and position of each track. So you can quit MediaPlayer in the middle of watching a movie, and when you reopen that file it will resume automatically from where you left

Cool. I dont get why all media players dont have it since forever. Most of popular playersfrom many OSes don`t have it, or got it not so long ago.


How many blocker bugs stand in the way of the first Beta? :slight_smile:

Great news again, by the way! :slight_smile:


Going from the commit log to the monthly activity report also requires some organization of the commits in categories pertinent to highlight progress.

Let’s see what August brings - not making promises though!




Do the nightlies have the UEFI partition now? Or will there be a separate nightlies for UEFI? Or is that something that will wait until the Beta?


yes great to have…


Just wanted to point out that when I reviewed the MediaPlayer patch, I rejected it because when you play a file and it memorizes the position and this file is in a playlist, you may get it to skip a portion of the song, even if it for example plays inside an album. Also I am pretty sure that when there are problems reading the file, like unmounting the filesystem in the meantime, it will get mad.

Both bugs were already pointed out in the ticket.


for now there is still a separate install image for the UEFI version. We may build an UEFI image for the beta, if we don’t get to integrate it into the anyboot image.


I thought it is better used with movies rather than with songs and music?!
Maybe it would be good to have the option in the settings if you like this feature for movies or for songs or for both…


Is there a nightly UEFI? I can only find a single UEFI one, and it’s a bit old.


He talks about the possibilities to build it for your own, currently.
So yes, there is UEFI nightly.
And no, they have to be own-built.


Ah. Ok. Gotcha. Thanks!


Well, there is not a “nightly” then (a nightly is built - preferably during the night, but that depends on your timezone - by buildbots). But you can build your own UEFI image, and this is what we will do for the release which will be built manually anyways.


I don’t know. I just wanted to point out there were unwanted things happening with this patch, and that seems were ignored by the reviewers. Just don’t assign any ticket to me and I’ll be fine.


Wow, this really is getting close!