Haiku monthly activity report - 04/2017

Once again I am out of catchy taglines to introduce the monthly report. To apologize for that, I updated the statistics about Haiku git repository, and also added a similar statistics page for haikuports.

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Once again, an excellent, and short update on activities.

You don’t need to apologize about running of “catchy” taglines to introduce the monthly report. After-all, unless something really special has happened, the monthly report is mostly about the small suite of improvements toward the goal(s).

Hum - Is the user loosing “control” with automatic application of updates by the Software Updater application?

Reference is made to the Mac Minis donated by Mozilla. I remember the post about the donation. Hopefully, those who have received the units will contribute them to the build bots…By the way, what are the specifications of these units? This could be handy to “collect” additional ones as they are advertised on various resale sites.

At the moment, the software updater is an application you run manually. Later on, it may also provide a notification that updates are available. But that’s it, we don’t plan to sneakily install updates without the user accepting them first.

I don’t remember the exact specs for the Mac Minis. Anyway, if you want to run a build bot, all you need is a machine (real or virtual) running Haiku, online most of the time, and accessible through ssh. It does not have to be similar to the Mac Minis (in fact, none of the package build slaves at the moment is using one of these).

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No, the article is incorrect, the user must still manually confirm before any updates are downloaded or applied. You can schedule it to automatically check and notify if there are available updates but actually applying them requires user interaction.

Nice work, I was pleasantly surprised by all the HaikuPorts updates.

Bots, yeee!!! Thanks!

Can we see somewhere the build-logs? hdf5 build on AMD64 failed and i would like to know, why.

The build logs are linked from the status pages:


I have deployed a new version of the page which is much faster and the logs are nicely html-formatted, too.

I could set up a VM for builds. Or I can convert one of my old old computers to help out.

A) Intel core i7 with 2 cores 2GB RAM running in Hyper-V to help build.
B) Amd Sempron (single-core) with 3GB RAM running native.

What do I do to help?