Haiku monthly activity report - 02/2017

Hello world!

Let’s see what happened in Haiku this month. This report covers hrevs 50928 to 50988.

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PulkoMandy: thanks for ne nice article! Always delighting to read it.

Thanks for another excellent summary of progress made in the last month…

I noted a slight time issue with the following: `“There are some good news about the beta1 release this month.” The “this month” refers to setting-up the builder system for the Beta1 release, not the release it-self?

Yes, the release itself is probably not happening just yet. But we’re getting there!

Nice to see some ray of light still… :slight_smile: Thanks for the summary!

Great job!!!

I have a 6 core AMD phenom I can commit to be a build slave now, Please contact me about doing so, it will only Run Haiku and will serve as a build slave only.

I’m already running a Haiku mirror (http://haiku.datente.com)

What other needs does the Haiku project have (compile resources (though not necessarily under Haiku), content mirroring/hosting, etc)?