Haiku logo

A haiku is a seasonal poem. part of the poem projects the season … The Logo is also seasonbal, this is a Fall logo, Haiku needs a Winter, Spring, and Summer logo … Replace the leaves with snow, flowers, and … but make the OS show the proper logo for the proper season … :!:

Thats a great idea,

i think there should be an option in the prefernces to enable and disable seasonable change in the HAIKU Logo…

kinda like google does ?

probably not a bad idea for our design team to work on a couple of those.

But wouldn’t that mean that we’d have to switch to a summer logo now? I kinda like the leaves, but agreed, it would be interesting to have a logo that is interactive in a way. Now we just need a mascot!

maybe a koi, it seems like a good fit…or perhaps not.

What if you are below the equator and the seasons are all backwards? Man that seems like a good bit of work, but sure would be neat.

sakki wrote:
But wouldn't that mean that we'd have to switch to a summer logo now?

hehe … well yeh something like this would be hard to do considering all the devs are spread over the world. It’s the middle of Winter for me atm.

Select a time zone and hemisphere. .make the logo change based on the date and hemisphere. :roll:

…or leave it as is. :slight_smile:

This is probably why we all don’t write code. I kind of asked around the office a bit and some of the developers said that it would not be that hard and most could crank it out in a few weeks if I needed it. I may look into getting one of them to help me write that, but they way things have been going I doubt any of them will have time.

bbjimy wrote:
Select a time zone and hemisphere. .make the logo change based on the date and hemisphere. :roll:

But if the user lives close to one the tropics, the fall and winter logo still do not mean anything at any time. You’ve got to request the systems’s position, including altitude, by GPS and select the corresponding theme :wink:

Or you just live with one logo – after all, we still do not have a complete OS to go with it, and I’m afraid we won’t have for quite some time.

or just connect a webcam to your haiku-box so you can even detect if you have to show a day or night logo :wink:

A logo that changes based on geographical location, distance from sea level, time, and moon phase (also taking into account solar and lunar eclipses)? Wow - I’d like to see you register that as a Trademark! :wink:

It would be nice, maybe it’d be better being written as a separate application though? I’m no BeOS coder, but I’m guessing an application can access the Deskbar’s logo by finding it’s view in the deskbar window?

I like the idea of a logo which changes with the seasons. It seems simple and would be yet another first from BeOS. I have never heard of another OS doing such a simple, yet elegant and cool thing as this.

That’s a nice idea…It’d certainly get people’s attention.

Well, just a suggestion. Works fine as SVG.

Very nice. 8)

you could just change seasons based on one part of the world.