Haiku Localization

Now that a first release of Haiku is not behind the horizon anymore (next Christmas I heard), I wondered if the time is ripe for localizing Haiku?

Localisation will be a big feature in R2. Very probably not a part of the first release. The locale kit does sit in OpenTracker, so potentially could be developed before R1, but I think that’s unlikely.

IMO it would be better for R1 to be able to be localized. :expressionless:

It’s important to get Haiku in to the most hands possible early on.

It would also be better for R1 to have full SVG icon support, a nice OpenGL accelerated app_server, a fully font-sensitive scalable UI, etc, etc. Then we end up talking about R2+ and we are in the usual scary area of open source - many projects fail to ever reach a release.

I’ve talked about what should go in R1 with Michael a few years ago, and he believes the most important thing is to get a working system out as quickly as possible. In Axel’s partyzip presentation he describes it as “the best R5 ever released”, which sums it up nicely.

I suggested to Michael it might be more accurate to refer to it as R0.5 - it’s not going to be a release to give to your grandmother, but more something to build on, something to excite people before R2 brings with it some of the features we all really want.