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im looking to use Haiku as a kiosk that launches web positive and only runs a single web application application, is there a init like functionality in haiku? how would i go about auto starting an application (preferably without starting the desktop environment )

p.s is there any word of chromium being ported over to HAIKU? that would be perfect for this :slight_smile:

Any advice would be smashing

Cheers guys :slight_smile:

This is fairly simple. mostly scripting.

comment out the lines in /boot/system/boot/Bootscript:

launch system/Tracker launch system/Deskbar
    (sleep 7; /boot/system/apps/ProcessController -deskbar) &

by adding a # in front of the code. This will prevent the Deskbar and Tracker from launching.

Add a link to the app you want to launch in /boot/home/config/boot/launch to start the application.

This is just a start. For a KIOSK you will need to have a script monitoring your application and re-launch it if the user closes it. You may also need to re-map ctrl or alt to prevent most suers from launching the Team Monitor and restarting the Desktop.

Although the set-up is simple, there is no web browser for HAIKU stable enough for use in a KIOSK at this time.

Thank you so much for the info it was extremely helpful, got everything operational :slight_smile:

actually i have another question, is there way to launch the WebPositive browser in fullscreen mode by default ? -f seems to try and open as a url


You could try asking that question of Stippi directly in the comments section of his latest blog post at :

Since he has written most of the code for the WebPositive app (not neccesarily the webkit backend which was ported by Ryan Leavengood and Maxime Simon mostly), he would be the best person to ask. If you have any suggestions as to how to implement this, I get the impression that he’d probably be quite receptive. Note that fullscreen mode was only added as of r482 of WebPositive on May 4 so, it’s a two week old feature! See:

Ain’t open source great!


Hi fortheloveofhaiku!

Should a “–fullscreen” parameter not arrive in time or you’d like other more exotic options, have a look at this BeTip: Control window look, feel, or behavior with “hey”. ‘hey’ comes with Haiku.


There is a ticket now to corect it, but WebPositive svn502 will open fullscreen size if you close the application in fullscreen mode.


Methinks your wish has been granted! See:

Unfortunatley as Stippi explained elswhere, the WebPositive nightlies won’t work on alpha 2 but instead require nightly builds of haiku as well and right now nighly builds are not available for general consumption. Fortunately nightly builds should reappear very soon according to this discussion on the development mailing list:


Stippi did make a build of r515 specifically for R1A2 users. See http://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/R1/Alpha2/ReleaseAddendum#WebPositivereportserrorswhileuploadingfiles for more installation instructions.

Well thats great news, hope i didnt push him to do it, im amazed at how fast this is progressing!

where is the source code for this project hosted?

Awesome OS haiku aint it?

Wow hes very busy it would seem!

any one know where the actual source for the browser is?

Source, timeline, tickets for WebPositive are here:

Hi guys iv started building Haiku from source so i can further tailor the build to the hardware.
Is there a way to define my application instead of deskbar and tracker to be defined in the build process?

Thanks for any help

You can edit build/jam/HaikuImage to include your stuff instead of some system components. OTOH, it may be easier to debug things if you leave it all in in case you need it, and just add your replacements in the UserBuildConfig.
Then edit the necessary scripts in data/system/boot/ to start your replacements instead.


Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

Cheers ill give it a try and get back to you,