Haiku Kickstarter?

So i’ve been noticing lately all these cool projects that are on kickstarter (and the success for such products). and it’s the most popular site for crowdsourced fundraising.

i was wondering, would a Kickstarter project to raise money to bring Haiku up to speed with hardware and software support, as well as bringing a user base that has probably never heard of haiku or BeOS.

The money can be used to fund development, as well as maybe working with companies like AMD and nVidia for hardware 3D and Video Decoding(Since nowadays GPUS have onboard MPEG2 and even h264 decoders), Introduce the OS to developers to help us get new software…

Have more money for bounty projects, support an x64 version.

i think that there is a lot of potential for Haiku to become a real contender with current desktop OSs. i’ve probably only used it for maybe about a full day, and i’m surprised at the speed and features out of the box. The boot time is incredible, a lot less bloatware than there is on current os’s (even linux). {Seriously took less than 30 seconds on an 12 year old computer to boot it from Live CD)

No. Kickstarter is completely incompatible with Open Source

This has been discussed before, you may want to look at this topic for more information.


Bollocks! Why would Kickstarter be incompatible with Open Source? I highly doubt that you could come up with reasonable arguments to back up such a bold statement.

speewave, there have been a few others suggesting that before you. A short quick search in the forum brings up these threads: