Haiku jam segfault FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE

$ cd /var/haiku/buildtools/jam
$ gmake
blabla.. Segmentation fault (core dumped)

anyone know why this version of jam segfault’d? can i use jam from FreeBSD ports? i’ve hack the MAXLINES to 51200 as in haiku jam

Haiku uses its own version of Jam because certain bugs were fixed. I cannot say what those bugs were. Something you can ask on the ML.

If you get segfault you should file a ticket or discuss on the mailing list (ML). If you are doing something wrong then better to get help on ML but if something wrong with Haiku’s Jam then a ticket is best. Start with ML and go from there.

Plus you will need to give more info than just segfault. You will have to include the blah, blah, blah so they can see what is going on and causing the crash.