Haiku installed on iMac

Hello, I installed Haiku on a new iMac (21" screen version). Just to let people know how to do it, as I did not find this info in the forums. I partitioned the disk into 3 partitions – one in HFS+(journalled), and 2 into FAT32. I installed OSX on one partition. Then I downloaded rEFIt (refit.sourceforge.net) and installed it on the OSX partition from within OSX. Then I booted from the Haiku installation CD (alpha1), and initiallized the file system on the FAT32 partitions to BFS. Then I installed Haiku on the other 2 partitions. Then reboot into OSX twice. On the second time, rEFIt comes up and lets you choose which partition to boot from. It boots into Haiku with no problem. If you don’t use rEFIt, it won’t boot into Haiku at all – it doesn’t see it as a bootable disk. Haiku is very fast on the iMac, the internet works, everything is cool.