Haiku in Hacktoberfest 2022

Hey all! It’s that time of year again. Hacktoberfest 2022 is now
open for registration. We have tagged many open issues on HaikuPorts
and HaikuArchives with the Hacktoberfest tag. Completing 4 of these
will get you a
hacktoberfest t-shirt.

To see a list of the ones at HaikuArchives, click the link below, and
then the Hacktoberfest topic on the right side of the page.


If interested, just sign up on the hacktoberfest website and then start hacking.

If you want to work on open issues that aren’t already tagged
Hacktoberfest, let me know and I can probably add a tag.


Nice! Though I’m still waiting on my t-shirt from last year :wink:

I saw a couple of tags on ArtPaint issues - can I get tags on any issues in ArtPaint that I fix during October?


Can we - who do not participate in it - read a blogpost about it ?
I mean
what areas were targeted and were done/fulfilled during Hacktoberfest 2022 - regarding to Haiku and its apps ?

Thank you !

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You can get this information yourselves relatively easy. Just go to the github pages for HaikuPorts or HaikuArchives and filter the (closed) pull requests by the tag “hacktoberfest”.

Or even better, contribute :wink: I’m sure there are a lot of non-coding issues open on HaikuPorts or HaikuArchives. (recipes, updates, icon design, translation…)

We are about half way thru this year’s Hacktoberfest. There’s still time to help out. If there’s recipes or open issues on HaikuPorts that you’d like to work on as part of Hacktoberfest, just let us know and we can add the tag. Same for HaikuArchives. To see some of the repositories we have tagged on HaikuArchives check this link:
Haiku Software Archives · GitHub and click on the hacktoberfest topic there