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This has probably been asked, but … I would like to see a ‘basic’ distro of Haiku that didnt require additional downloads. Specifically to include common tools like ssh and a functional compiler and tool chain.

One download.


Do you have a browser? I havent found it yet if you do.

Due to memory issues, the compiler doesn’t quite work yet. Though, it will soon. If you simple want to test a “full distro” try the Weekly vmware image at Haikuware.


It work well for what i need, and if things continue forward Haiku may be able to compile stuff soon.

Not true, the latest compiler binaries for R5 work pretty successfully. There are still memory leaks in Haiku, so compiling the entire 3GB Haiku tree did require a few reboots, but any normal-sized programs should compile without too many issues.

Ingo is working on producing a Haiku-native toolchain which will be an option to include during the build process.

Firefox (a BONE build from BeBits) basically works, but Disreali’s suggestion of using one of the super-packs from HaikuWare is a good one, I suspect that includes a version of Firefox already (I haven’t tried it myself, so can’t say for sure).

I support the idea of adding a few additional tools on the daily build, like links and ssh, so it would allow to download additional software from haikuware or files from another computer.
I’m using qemu for reading the images. The email was working, and I could d/l things with wget but it’s not easy this way.

I’ve tried the virtualbox “superpack” on a computer which had a CPU supporting virtualisation, it was quite slow and the network was not working well : I could ping but couldn’t browse with opera or firefox, and with wget I could retrieve half of a index.html page after 1 minute trying to download it.
I don’t want to use vmware because it’s bloated and annoying to install on linux (we have to get some unofficial fix to make it compile the kernel modules)

I’ve just noticed it’s possible to convert the vmware pack for qemu. I’ve done this, and it’s working well, including the network !