Haiku has hope!


I created a MacOSX dock replica for Haiku (still in beta, written in Qt/QML):


Read more here:
HiQDock … New Dock coming soon


Still don’t have a .hpkg for it (but if you install the Qt4 dependency it should work on latest nightlies) - contact me if you want to test it out.


It would be great to be able to install it from the depot. You started working on it 3 years ago and not being packaged 3 years later I fear that it will never be easy to install in Haiku. It looks great, so I hope you’ll manage to release it as a package, even in beta. :+1:


It’s getting to the point where all this talk about a “beta release” is itself leading to media interest. So it might be necessary to make a release even if it is just to satisfy the public expectation:



Hmm… that’s a very good point. Making new packages before the first Haiku beta is released is an opportunity to reach a new wave of users once they start testing and tinkering with the operating system. I guess I’d better shape up and finish my first Yabasic program soon, and learn how to package it. :smile:


No access to the article unless I either accept their cookies or make a donation. This website is illegal :frowning:


<joke>Let’s make Haiku illegal, everybody likes illegal software. Download counter jumps as high as Mount Everset.</joke>


You just have to click “Learn more” (not exactly ideal), then “Save & Exit”.

Thanks for the info about LibreOffice. :slight_smile:


What I most appreciate about Haiku is that it presents other ways of interacting with a computer and doing things. These ways so happens to be attuned to my work flow for getting things done.

As an user, I have to accept that enjoying and productively using Haiku means leaving some of the stuff from Android, iOS/MacOS, and Windows behind.

Projects like porting LibreOffice to Haiku and replicating features from other operating systems like HiQDock are important and worthwhile. However, their existence is not what brings me to Haiku. It is a promise of a better way to create and manage content than via drives, files, and folders.


I saw a website that states you must be over 80 years old to visit it. It is their usage policy

  1. Same here with my Coffee Lake PC, can’t boot at all. But I thought at least Skylake would work, that’s odd.

  2. I don’t know anything about streaming services. Do they require specialized browser plugins, or just a better browser? As for Wine, it sounds great in theory, but my experience with it has been that most applications are broken. Also, on Linux, Wine tends to leave a mess in the application menu, and fullscreen games tend to crash and leave you in a low resolution. It would be a useful addition, but personally I would be leaning more toward virtualization for running Windows-only games.

Four. I played around a little bit with Qt Creator the other day and it looked to me like it could be used for any kind of C/C++ project even without Qt, without too much trouble. Then there’s at least two other Qt/KDE-based IDEs and a few native ones. I’m still not that familiar with this though, and I can see that if someone has an affinity for say Visual Studio, it might be annoying to not have it available.


HiQDock now has an .hpkg available at besly’s repo: http://software.besly.de/