Haiku hangs during boot


i’m running BeOS R5 and built haiku using the following commands:

./configure --target=haiku
HAIKU_INSTALL_DIR=/HaikuDisk jam install-haiku

HaikuDisk is the name of a separate mounted partition i want to install Haiku on

the build process seems to occur without any major errors and browsing HaikuDisk i can see that it has been filled with various apps

i then ran bootman and added HaikuDisk to the menu… however upon restart the computer hangs at the Haiku splash screen

i’m assuming its not a hardware problem since BeOS R5 works perfectly fine on the same machine

so i either did something during the build (i can provide more details upon request) or i now have to figure out how to debug the boot process

any suggestions on how to proceed?

thanks for your help!!


after discovering that i can indeed access safe boot modes by pressing the space bar (if i press it ONCE and in a one second window of opportunity) i managed to boot into haiku!!! i have to say it looks fantastic… i look forward to making some contributions!

in order to boot i have to disable IDE DMA and use safe video mode (vesa drivers)

if i don’t use safe video modes the system seems to boot fine but i lose video signal at some point in the process… basically i need to find drivers for my video card… until then is there a way to automatically force the use of vesa drivers like in BeOS 5?

if i don’t disable IDE DMA the debug output ends with the following lines:

nbd: init_driver() failed: no such file or directory
kernel debugger extention “debugger/hangman/v1”: loaded
error starting “bin/sh” error: -2147478780

they don’t mean anything to me but perhaps they can be of some use to someone else with more experience… and once again my question is… is there a way to turn IDE DMA off somewhere else in the system so i do not have to babysit the boot process?

thanks for your help!!