Haiku for mobile applications

From. 2005-2009, I used a BeOs machine to power a noncom radio station. I was introduced to the OS by a system called Tune Tracker which powered our LPFM. I am venturing back into the Haiku world because of the rock solid operation of the machines I used for radio braodcast.
My question to the community is, would Hakiu a viable option for mobile and smartphone usage. I realized that other Be type OS’s are in existence, but would like to know is this a groundup venture I am envisioning. Is this a mounental undertaking of code and driver sourcing that would need to take place or are their plug and play option which I can add to create my own Hakiu OS?
Any guidance would be appreciated.

Welcome JT5/4change!
TuneTracker is still alive and kicking, running on Haiku no less!

Haiku is aimed squarely at desktop computers. Adapting Haiku to run on mobile hardware would indeed be a monu’mental’ project. A port to ARM systems that would be nearer a desktop than a phone is still in its infancy but might be a good first step for anyone interested to fork Haiku to become a mobile OS.
That said, I doubt any current Haiku dev is interested in that mobile direction.


But you will still need power management, different scheduler policies, a completely different user interface, not to mention the ability to use your phone as… well, a phone, for which Haiku has no support at all.

And yes, one key thing that make Haiku work is the focus on desktop systems, in the “do one thing and do it well” sense. If we wanted to target both phones and desktops, we would have to make unsatisfying compromises.


Thanks so much humdinger! Dane and the guys at TT are great. I did read where they now boot on Haiku.
I appreciate your expertise and your tips. We will see if we can lift a monu-ment…

Thank you as well PulkoMandy. All wonderful tips and I understand that a singluar focus is good. Hopefully a mobile application could be my focus.

Just saw this topic… I might be interested in at least “pre-discussion” :slight_smile: of using BeOS-like kernels, giving a couple hints… PM me if you wish.

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Thank you so much. I will do so…