Haiku focusing on amd64 x86

And then they do not elaborate on why adding NDIS WiFi support would onlytake a couple minutes when asked to elabiorate on it. Typical of these kinds of commenters.

Recognized one of the Haiku detractors there as someone who’s one of these kind of folk described in the quote above. They were one of those against package management here in the forums and seems to be actively spreading FUD about the OS now elsewhere. They’re banging on about bad desktop defaults now for instance, when Haiku’s desktop hasn’t changed much at all. Absolute nonsense.


Haiku RISC-V port image currently don’t use package management to simplify updates of individual files, so they will be happy :slight_smile:


You should now implement package management just immediately just “because” :wink:

And no one replied “patches welcome!” ? Because if someone can fix this in a few minutes, surely we can review and merge their work even faster.


Exactly… ( I feel like I am being misquoted there… I never said that sentence, I just quoted what the guy on OSNews said :wink: )

Sorry about that, forum software limitations (or I don’t know how to do it right). Removed the attribution to avoid any confusion

NDIS means Windows NT network drivers? That will require NT compatibility layer in Haiku kernel with PE module loader and partial NT kernel and drivers API implementation. That is definitely not “only take a couple of minutes”.

Also I don’t understand why it is so important. Most WiFi adapters are working on Haiku and it is often possible to replace mPCIe WiFi adapter with compatible one.


Re:GPU support


I take those statements always with a grain of salt. The recipe is merged but it is still marked as untested on every platform.

ARCHITECTURES="!x86_gcc2 ?x86_64 ?arm ?arm64 ?m68k ?ppc ?riscv64 ?sparc"

I hope getting riscv64 builds enabled for HaikuPorts repository. Missing riscv64 packages is very limiting factor for now, even bash and libpng are missing, I use TGA images for now.


I there a riscv buildbot already?

Not exactly in this wording but the poster of that statement did get called out for it.

It´s not really OSNews´s fault if people post questionable things the comments. As far as I´m concerned I still read OSNews regularly and they seem quite friendly towards Haiku.


I have been reading that site since Eugenia moved there from BeNews. The site has been in a slow decline for more than 10 years. Thom is a lot more hands off since it became another WordPress blog, but it has been his personal blog for years. Most of the “news” is just stuff from Hacker News re-hashed. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not one of these people that complains and doesn’t contribute - I have submitted a number of stories to it over the years. It is just now what it once was and that is sad.

The do, but only as an extension to BeOS. Eugenia was obviously a massive BeOS advocate back in the day (and she married JBQ out of meeting him through being part of that scene), and Thom is certainly a BeOS enthusiast. But the passion is no longer as strong and that lost something along the way.

There was a period of years where I stopped reading OSNews and I got all the same content through Hacker News. So that says a lot really.

Yeah, me too. How time flies.

Well, focus shifts do occur over time (pun certainly intended :wink: ). But it´s still good that there is a news site out there that has a soft spot for Haiku. We can use any positive publicity that we can get. :slight_smile:

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I hade to activate my account at OSNews and comment what he said.

Nice. Looks like I’m not the only one reading OSNews Back in the days :wink:

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Working on new architectures is nice, but releasing R1 is more important IMO. :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to sound like an extremist. But if haiku would have been my own personal project, I would have put all my effort on having a complete risc-v 64bit support and concentrate on risc-v till powerful hardware was available and then building something like a haiku-box. And the next step would be deleting the x86 support forever.

Even MIPS stopped designing MIPS processors, and switched to designing Risc-V chips.

Since China is looking like becoming the worlds biggest economy, and making year after year big improvements, it’s hard to imagine that they will continue for a long time to depends on x86 and arm licenses that can be revoked by the USA anytime.
And I guess that there are also other non-chinese companies that got scared how easily you can get into trouble if you depend on US technology.

For a small “company/group” economic success usually comes if you concentrate on a niche domain, a domain where you can can be good/shine. Risc-V is a niche domain right now but in 10 years it might be the dominant platform.

One recent (and very likely unkown) example is the company UiPath. If you check their history, and how fast they started to get a valuation of 35 billion (and what kind of niche domain they were operating) you might be wondering how this is possible.

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Fully agree with that statement. I also read osnews regularly (for 2 decades now?) and Thom is surely a big fan of Haiku.

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Interesting to see how many people read osnews. It was one of my favorites for a couple of years, but since they changed to the new website I didn’t reactivate my account, and now I visit that only once a week or so. I guess that was the right decision seeing that it morphed into Thoms personal vendetta website against everything Apple.
Regarding those rants against the package management, I think one of those people (same nick?) also posted here. I am also not very happy with it, but I guess the case is settled and there is no reason to start all over again.