Haiku error messages for Web+?


So when will Web+ adopt the haiku error messages from Net+ since the operating system itself was honorably named after? On a side note, I was a fan of Walter myself :grin:

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Yes, that sounds like a great idea! I was thinking we could put them around the system, not just in Web+.

Anyone have any ideas for haikus we could use (must be original, please)?


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Not sure about that…

Error messages in the system need to inform the user when something goes wrong, and let them know what went wrong. It is not the right place or time for poetry.

In the web browser in BeOS it was done because the errors are shown in place of the page, and there was a lot of space. So you can have both the error and something a little fun. The idea lives on in other browser who now have some cute icons (probably inspired by the “sad mac” on old Apple machines?) and sometimes even a hidden game there.

I’m fine with someone doing it again in the web browser. It requires displaying all errors inside the main browser view instead of alert boxes (a good move too), but that in turn may be tricky because sometimes errors are not blocking and there is still some part of the page to display. So, anyone wants to submit a patch? Personally I think I have many more important things to fix first.


Not when something goes wrong in the system, but we could put some in the boot menu, on the boot splash screen and maybe one that can be displayed in the shutdown window.

If we do our job correctly, you won’t have time to read them before the system finishes starting or shutting down :laughing: