Haiku @ eeePC / golem


warning german :wink:
Nice news!
Why i didn’t read it here?

Ok, nice a tech freak can install Haiku on a eeePC, and even sound works.
Ok, you have no wireless and LAN but who needs this anyway.

Sounds a little bit polemic, of cause it its.

This news in no good marketing, as Haiku is not running on eeePC.
It shows that Haiku is not usable on the eeePC.

For a Tech Freak it is nice news, for a normal user like me it tells me I still have a long time to wait till I can use Haiku.

If the new was Haiku is easy to install and run on an eeePC, I would buy a eeePC just for running Haiku on it.

But so I understand that Haiku at this moment is only useable by Tech Freaks.

Actually it shows it boots, and only misses driver.
It all depends how optimistic you are.
Besides Haiku isn’t in alpha yet anyway.