Haiku Drivers for BeOS/Bone/Zeta?

Has anyone posted the Haiku drivers compiled for any stable version of BeOS? Specifically, I’m looking for an Audigy driver that will work on my system (card ID is 0x7).

Thanks in advance,

Have you tried Haiku to see if sound works for you?

Looking at Haiku emuxki driver code:

#define CREATIVELABS_VENDOR_ID 0x1102 /* Creative Labs /
Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live /
Creative Labs Audigy and Audigy 2 */

The SB cards supported are those with IDs 0002 & 0004. Your Audigy (LS?) Card ID: 0x0007 is NOT supported.

You can check here:

Click 0002 & 0004 to see what SB cards are supported ( list is not complete ). I believe most Audigy1 cards work except for the Audigy1 LS.

PS I’ve compiled Haiku driver for Dano/Zeta and I’m using it now on a SB Live 5.1 card ( card ID 0x0002 ).

I’ve only tested Haiku in emulators. I’m looking for sound support for either BeOS5 Pro or Zeta 1.2.1

I guess I’ll have to svn the haiku emuxki driver source and add my card ID and recompile it to see if it will work.

Unless someone knows that the 0x0007 hardware is incompatible with the driver code?

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I don’t think it’ll work for you. Read on.

Depends on your sound card chipset.

If it had emu10k1 or emu10k2 chipset then swapping in your card id may work in getting the BeOS driver to work for you. emuxki driver is supposed to support these 2 chipsets only.

How to tell the chipset on your card? Pull it & look at the biggest chips on it. Or if you run Linux you can check to see what driver it uses.

Here is a list of Creative cards, chipsets & drivers.

The Audigy LS is actually listed as “Sound Blaster LS” ( check the URL on the link there ). The chipset listed is SB0310. Driver for it is ca0106 ( not emu10k1 ). If chipset info is right then you’re out of luck and need to either wait for someone to port the ca0106 driver - not likely to happen soon or better choice is to buy a supported Creative card.

Thanks very much for the link. I guess I’m out of luck for a while. :frowning:

I had forgotten how good Creative is at keeping the name and changing the chip. :slight_smile:

Yes Creative has done this on a couple of their lower end sound cards. I too noticed this about 1 year ago.

I’d suggest getting rid of that Audigy LS card. It is software based and not that good.

Read Audigy SE & LS

Even a SB Live card, which I can buy locally for $10 used from computer reseller, is better than the Audigy LS or Audigy SE. ( Emu10k chips were the best - great sound; X-FI uses EMU20K1 more advanced better chip ).

Or you can try to find used Audigy1 or Audigy2 with Emu10k2 chip ( SB Live uses Emu10k1 ).

You’re welcome. Good luck.

PS Dell also made a SB Live card variant that doesn’t work and uses Emu10k1x ( modified emu10k1 chipset that requires different driver ). There are a couple of SB cards to avoid - that won’t work with emuxki driver.

I did check the OSS port that is in progress to Haiku and it does list support for the Live!24/Audigy LS cards. So all hope is not lost. :slight_smile:

The chip is built in to the motherboard so I’ll just have to go into the bios and disable it.
I’m sure I have something laying around that will work.

Thanks again!

With the recent news that OSS is being ported to Haiku (also BeOS i hope), you might get lucky soon…

This is the list of supported cards:

Yes, with OSS and BSD network layer there should be greater support for sound and network cards in Haiku.

Eventually you may be able to get that Audigy LS card up & running on Haiku too. :slight_smile: