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I am new to Haiku and would like to make a donation. Is it possible to make a donation in cryptocurrency? More precisely in USDT?

Waiting for an answer, I wish you a great day.


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Look! Please make a tax-deductible gift today. - Haiku, Inc.

Thanks for the answer, it is indeed possible to make a donation in BTC. But what about USDT?

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You will have to convert USDT to donate!

Haiku, Inc. has a personal Coinbase account where we currently receive donations and have a decent balance in BTC. I am working with Coinbase to get Haiku an institutional account but it has been a very slow process (more about them than us.)

With that said, I think we could receive Tether (USDT) in our current Coinbase account, but on the Coinbase page about Tether there is a note:

Important note: at this time, Coinbase only supports USDT on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). Do not send USDT on any other blockchain to Coinbase.

So as long as you could send it that way I think it would be okay. Though for the moment we are unable to use any of our crypto or turn it into USD because of the account situation that I am trying to resolve.



Thank you for your answers marcoapc & leavengood. I find it very interesting that Haiku os has a personal Coinbase account. I hope that the situation will improve soon with Coinbase. I take the opportunity to ask a last question in this Off-Topic. Have you thought about creating a cryptocurrency / blockchain for the Haiku os project? It could be a way of financing and communication for Haiku.

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I suspect what happened at Coinbase is the government got more strict, and probably when we created that account the only option was a personal account. Then later they added business/institutional accounts. The issue we face is they require personal information to be able to sell the crypto, and for those of us in the United States that poses a huge tax risk. So we are trying to get that institutional account.

As for Haiku having its own cryptocurrency , I’m not sure. I am not a huge cryptocurrency fan myself and it has a lot of feelings of a fad and bubble to me. It also is making it hard for people to buy computer parts like GPUs and mining uses a massive amount of energy. Though I see some of the appeal as a hedge against inflation and other issues with normal currency. For now I suspect Haiku has enough to work on without making our own cryptocurrency :slight_smile:


I understand your doubts about the cryptocurrency however, I think we should not close the door to this virtual investment that can be a spare wheel or even a springboard in the Haiku project.

Thanks again for your answers. :smiley:

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You have a nice avatar, tbh.

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We are here to develop an operating system. That is already a lot of work. We do not want to get distracted by other things.

Also personally I think existing cryptocurrencies are not efficient, bad for the environment, and completely unregulated which seems like a bad idea to me (other people may disagree with that, but it’s how I feel about it).


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