Haiku does not boot on uefi

The system is the next system:


PS/2 and mouse Keyboard

AMD Ryzen 5 3400G

16 GB DDR4 3000 MHz XMP (Corsair)

attached KDL Screen photo taken with my mobile, while booting from a 4 GB SD Card.

have similar issues with b550 chipset

The bugtracker is at https://dev.haiku-os.org

Not here.

Behaves differently on my ga-z97-hd3 with Intel i7 4790, It hangs completly.

Please try enabling “Fail-safe video mode” in the BIOS.

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Sounds odd, but try setting that boot device to the highest priority in the BIOS (i.e. Don’t use the boot menu and don’t override from the BIOS). Magically fixes booting on my B450.

Yeah but another problem is that behaves differently on different mainboards. With 7 different computers in my house and in ones booting in UEFI Mode works well(as well as legacy) in others legacy does not work or UEFI does not work(simply hangs or other things. When the normal thing is to boot correctly on UEFI and on Legacy even with modern computers. Some strange things happening

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Yeah, it’s definitely not stable - but did you try my suggestion? I could get it to boot when selecting from the boot menu with various safe options and the like, but simply putting it to the top in the BIOS made it boot every time (with safe mode graphics)

Had the same problem with my Lenovo ThinkPad T495.
The answer is in the BIOS :

In Security Tab :

  • disable secure boot

In Startup Tab :

  • UEFI mode,
  • disable CSM support

In Restart Tab :

  • disable OS Optimized defaults

Without those points, it can not boot and I have this same white screen with failures.


In my case is a Vega 11 IGP which i think is not supported, but in never releases should boot at framebuffer driver which is kindly odd.