Haiku Design

I have created a mock-up for Haiku, you can find it here: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/109/haikudesigngreedcleanmo.png/

Any thoughts?

I like what we have right now a whole lot better.

I have two points of criticism.

  1. Although that the green is less harsh on the eye then the current yellow base theme it misses contrast. This way it’s harder to differentiate between different elements (and the current background)
  2. I miss separation within the tracker menu. It’s not clear where one clickable element ends and the next one begins. I like the concept of elements crossing over from one to another, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of the overview.

I need to see more elements before I can make any comment. How will buttons look? Stacked windows? Context menus?

Hello Mr. Dutchman,

Are you living in Netherlands? Can you look up someone in Hilversum, a Haiku developer?

Yes, I’m living in the Netherlands. And that depends what you mean by looking up and to what end.

We want to get in touch with Rudolf Cornelissen. He was a Haiku developer and wrote code for accelerated video card drivers. He changed ISP and now his emails don’t work. Looking for a phone number so we can ask him some driver questions. Think you can help?

I sent you his email address via the contact form.

Got it, thanks, Matt!

I also send a mail with some back-up information if that email-address doesn’t do the trick