Haiku Contract Report: September 2021 | Haiku Project

We already had an activity report for this month … but as I am now working on Haiku full-time thanks to the generous donations of readers like you (thank you!), a second report is in order, containing more detail on what (and some of the ‘why’) I worked on that the activity report merely summarizes.

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Amazing work waddlesplash! Can’t wait to see further improvements to Haiku in the near future!


Thanks for the report Augustin, your passion and excitement is an inspiration to us all…


All in all great work done in a short time, also kudos to the other developers for thinking and engaging into this process, Haiku is moving along (maybe I should switch my main 32bit to nightly in a short while, although that’s still running in VirtualBox so I don’t think much would change there for the work I’m doing in there (mostly haikuports related)) :ok_hand:


Seeing my donation so well spent makes me very happy!

There is a good reason to donate now to Hailu!
The improvements are very fast now!

Still missing is a webcam driver, which is very important these days.

Thank you devs for this nice Haiku experience.

Besides Haiku development I would like to see some small tutorials on how to use Haiku for easy codeing (Haiku sample code)

And yes I will try your Cortex experiment.


There are already a series of tutorials you can follow here: Learning to Program with Haiku | Haiku Project


Did you try them?
I asked for some small! examples…
For beginner.

Whaddlesplash asked what else he could do outside programming…

Check that apps are respecting Haiku guidelines. I mean the one file or folder in /home/config/settings rule.
List those still using an old layout.
Check if in apps designed for Haiku, there’s is a thing (like a custom widget) commonly used by devs. In that case, see if something could be done for harmonisation and so people don’t have to reinvent wheel each time. (Is there possible to make a generic widget that would help and please everyone?) See in same time if there is something implemented in an app that could be useful in others. Check if the license/the author would allow it. (I think for example about how Zenja implemented sound controls with gauge levels in Medo. Maybe they would fit in Media prefs app?)
Otherwise, take some time to relax and to avoid burnout is good too.


Thanks for this nice and detailled report waddlesplash, I don’t find it too verbose, it’s perfect.

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The working on haiku link seems broken, on safari it tries to go to https://www.haiku-os.org…/news/2021-08-25_hiring_waddlesplash/

so… an empty tld
edit: only broken on the forums, wierd.

nice report!

It is nice that USB unplugging, packet fragmenting and USB audio get fixed.


If you could look into why updates “reliably” fail to download at the haiku r1`beta3_hrev55181_57-1 it would make haiku at least usable for me. Can’t get any updates at present.

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Impressive work @waddlesplash. Nice to read the updates, also I think live coding session would be nice. Andreas (Serenity) does shorter ones where is hunts downs a bug or a bottleneck in the system.

I havent used Haiku in a while with git, but last time I checked git was really slow in haiku - especially browsing the source of haiku. That might a be something to try improve.


They work for most other people, so this is likely something that has gone wrong on your end. If you post an error log we can probably help you out.

This happens the first time due to filesystem caches taking a while to warm up from “cold” on Haiku slower than other OSes. Some discussion of the problem here: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/issues/5285


I reported this about a week after the beta 3 release. I can’t find the ticket now but had a couple of replies to no avail.

Thank you for the detailed walk through of your endevors in Haiku! It is very informative, looking forward to future improvements! After reading about the work on USB3, I retried booting on my i5-10600k machine. It now recognizes the thumb drive, sees the efi partition, and gets all the way to the rocket. I think it is hanging on the video (UHD630 onboard graphics if memory serves). Amazing! Almost there. Thanks to you and all the devs for the hard work.

You can select the “fail safe video mode” option to get past broken Intel drivers. :slight_smile:

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Well, I tried that but to no avail. Should I select a screen resolution or just the fail safe video mode option and let the OS decide?

Great to see the progress in usability issues like Web+ and USB3.


Me too. Might I just mention that the ability to use a second screen would also make a big difference. I find a separate (and large) monitor to be essential nowadays.

I know progress is happening in this area.

And I am very happy to have Waddlesplash on board full-time.