Haiku client for IM Kit

I’m working on a IM Kit client for Haiku.

Currently planned features are:
* Emoticons support, with a enable/disable option on Preflet
* Contact list like other instant messaging clients
* Support for sending files and contacts to people

Other features that may be implemented:
* Themable emoticons, maybe integrated with mmu_man themes effort
* Logging of messages
* Notifications using InfoPopper

Obviously a part of this features is already implemented by im_client and im_emoclient so it’s a matter of merge the two clients.

What do you think.

Sounds awesome! So basically you’re not building a new IM app but rather picking up development on im_kit?

Very nice. I personally dont like the im_kit so this is great news for me. Dont get me wrong, the im_kit is a good idea but i like a standalone app for MSN/AOL/ICQ.

Themes would be awesome.
My 2 cents