Haiku-cd from cafepress

is buying the cd from cafepress a good way to support haiku?


I had not thought of buying the CD as a way of showing support but I think it is an excellent idea

Yes it is, since $15 of the $20 price will go directly to Haiku.

Unfortunately we have had a few snags in getting the CD set up at CafePress, so I don’t think you can actually order it yet.

I have already ordered it yesterday.
So it is possible to do it on cafepress.

[quote=leavengood]Yes it is, since $15 of the $20 price will go directly to Haiku.

thats great to hear :smiley:
didn’t think that it’s that much that ends up at haiku

just ordered one :smiley:

To clarify what Ryan said - Cafepress is having problems creating the CDs - so your orders will probably be on hold.

We will try to send them a replacement CD image on Monday (tomorrow).

Sorry for the inconvenience, Cafepress only notified us of this trouble on Friday evening.

It was our plan to order a test CD before announcing that they were available, and since we never received our test CD, we never made an announcement.

the cd is currently priced at 400$ :smiley:

Yes, please don’t order it at that price. It is meant as sign that we don’t want you to order it until we have resolved all problems :slight_smile:

Still not available? What is the trouble with cafepress?

Interestingly enough, it seems they finally responded again this evening, and are still having issues with the CD master we sent them.

I’ll see if we can’t straighten this out soon.

Ah, but see the small print. For $400, one of the dev team members flies out to wherever you are with the CD, installs Haiku On your computer and applies secret updates for CD purchasers alone. :-0

Hee hee… good one!


It seems we have resolved the CD production issues now. I was sent a test CD and it worked for me on several machines.

We have now posted a public notice on our front page, and hopefully all who previously ordered CDs will have their orders fulfilled shortly.

i finaly got mine on wednesday :smiley: