Haiku CD Cannot Find Any Boot Partition (DMA Has Been Disabled)

I have an Acer Aspire One 150 (with a regular 160 GB HD) and dearly want to put Haiku on it. Having no optical drive on the Aspire, I have tried to use my Asus external DVD to boot the Haiku CD. It is powered using two USB ports. I have had success using this device to install other OS’s on the Aspire. And I have disabled DMA. Yet, booting stops at the drive icon and then I get the message that Haiku cannot find a boot partition. Is there anything anyone knows of that could could be causing this, assuming that DMA has been disabled. Thank you!

Did you disable DMA from BIOS or SAFE-MODE?

Press [space bar] while booting to enter Haiku SAFE-MODE. From there, disable DMA. You can also set fail-safe video resolution and select use fail-safe video mode.

You can also try the other safe mode options. If those don’t work, then enable console debug to see what is going on during boot.

Thank you, I’ll try disabling DMA from SAFE-MODE rather than BIOS…and your other suggestions if need be!