Haiku Box

I was wondering if I could build a standard computer hardware for Haiku.
I was thinking AMD Quad-core CPU and Nvida GPU. 16 gig ram 1 T-byte SATA HDD.

Have the OS optimized for the hardware. Custom enclosure.

yes, should work with quad core CPU.

Nvidia GPU will very likely use VESA mode but work well.

16GB RAM is too much, Haiku is 32 bit meaning you’ll only get 3.0 to 3.7 GB available. Unless you use other OSes, you may want to stick with 4 GB for this system.

1 Terabyte drive is very large but why not - hopefully no issues. Make sure motherboard supports AHCI ( and Legacy ) modes for SATA to avoid issues.

I am using Haiku on a 4 Cores (AMD Phenom) with 4G of RAM. Except that my Radeon 4850 can’t run 1920*1080 in VESA, Haiku run without any problem.

Awesome. I will look into the best configuration to optimize Haiku for multimedia.

i thought Haiku could only use 2gb…?

what for to waste time on trifles? offer two six-core opterons, 48gib ram, tesla for cuda and four 2tib hdd in raid 0+1 :))) аnd make from this standard haikubox :slight_smile:

if it is serious, for haikubox platform quite pertinent mitx mobo + atom 330.


Each running Haiku application program can only really use 2 GiB of RAM but the OS limit overall is as much RAM as can be mapped into the 32-bit usable address space. This depends on e.g. graphics cards, the machine’s firmware (or “BIOS”) and other hardware considerations, but could be say, 3.5 GB.

How about this as a standard configuration for Haiku?

This Mini-ITX system can be a set top box and use a HD TV as its display.

It would be nice if the foundation would do a once-a-year fundraiser with the hardware. It would be like the give one get one campaigns OLPC used to run.

I know I’d buy one especially since it would foolproof the hardware.