Haiku (BeOS, ZETA) repository = Package sources

which ones existed, which ones are currently available?
Recommendations / warnings?
For a Haiku newbie or for a new installation of Haiku (after long) ‘abstinence’ troublesome to find out!

is you meaning about article , application or source code?
application or source code
you can find out with haikudepot.
article, sorry , i don’t know.

repository = Package sources

Software Sites are collected at Software Sites | Haiku Project

https://haikuware.ru/ anyone?

Thank you, but there must be several more!

The two main ones for BeOS/Zeta ended up under the control of the same person, who closed them in a hissy-fit.

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There is/was https://www.be.wildman-productions.org/index.php, as an attempt at recreating BeBits.

P.S.: damn it Discuss, stop auto-formatting my links!!!

Do you mean the (32bit + 64bit) by Professor Michel Clasquin-Johnson?

I had once saved a screenshot (11/15/2022) and now found it on a drive.
Unfortunately, not the publication in the Haiku Forum.
As far as I can remember, it was posted by kim1963.

No, Bebits and Haikuware.

There was ZETA-Games at one point which I kept going for some years (with some help), but not around anymore for years.

No repository, but there is still software: