Haiku/Beos and software repositories

I hope there will be a change in the software repository storage otherwise I do see a problem with the acceptance of Haiku/Beos.
A central preferably checked repository is required.
In my case I did provide once a software for Beos. (Lyx) The problem was that some of the files used were from Bezip.de. As all knows Bezip.de disappeared. It is possible that my work became useless. It is also possible that some packages from bebits.com could be used, but I will not take the effort to repackge the program since bebits have another problem.
All storages are in individual web places. (Lyx takes up 95% of mine.) If anybody dies or decide to free up the web space or change internet provider, the result is a disappearing program and a broken link. There are quite a few of them in bebits.com.
So why would any 3 party developer/porter put in an effort, and see all his work in a year go up in smoke.
Having Haiku will be great. Although I am perfectly happy with my Bone/dano mishmash. Everything is working in it perfectly. But why would I switch to Beos if there is no reliable place to obtain my software?
(Sourceforge net would be a good place.)

Never put all your eggs in one basket. There’s no need for a central Haiku/BeOS application host.

Programs should be put on Berlios or SourceForge or other free open source hosting. Download sites such as BeBits could link to programs’ SF- or Berlios-hosted downloads.

Guys like you with hardly any hosting have their software hosted on a reputable site, and central download sites like BeBits and BeZip can still link to your software. If one of those central download sites goes down, only collections of links are lost rather than software.

I builded a links collection on the wiki: Open Source software list 8)

Check it out (and contribute) !