Haiku banner for websites

Improved and final version with a smaller ‘U’ (please use these instead):


Just a question.
Is it possible to obtain source file of logo to make a personal banner?
I want to make a personnal website (in French) devoted to Haiku :slight_smile: .

Artwork sources are here:


But in order to use the non-PNG versions, you’ll need Wonderbrush.

Ok, these files are for BeOS only (has share the .png) .
Wonderbrush is a shareware?
There are equivalents with this software under Mac or Windows (in the worst of possibilities)?

Sorry for my grammar, but I’m French.

PNG is standard of course, and you can use those on any platform.

Wonderbrush is BeOS-only software, and I believe the file format they are saved in are a native WonderBrush format as well.

There were some requests on the mailing list to have the files also made available in SVG, but that doesn’t appear to have gone anywhere.

WonderBrush is developed by YellowBites: http://yellowbites.com/

Maybe the (recently in the news) Trademark Policy page on this site can link to the kind of page discussed here -if and when it gets made ;).