Haiku at upcoming socal linux expo

So, who is spreading the word of Haiku at the Socal Linux Expo?


I see Haiku will be there.


Is there any similar FOSS event for New England?

Below are the big Linux or Open Source conferences and where they are held:

That will be me attending SCaLE this year.

Are you in the area? I could probably use another hand at the booth to evangelize with me :slight_smile:

I wish. Would be a fun show to attend. I am in NorCal. Maybe if my bug fix request for my Mac Mini happens in the near future, then I can start using Haiku daily and really learn it well. I can then become an evangelist for the project. Until then, without sound, I don’t use haiku much at all. Just can’t live without sound. 8-(

But, I would make a good candidate down the road if I ever get a system that can run current builds and has sound. I am on a computer all day (Mac) and all night it seems so a good candidate to put a system through it’s paces. Hoping one day that machine of all day use will be a Haiku box.

Have a great show!


Ah, cool.

Hey, if you’re in up norcal - you should subscribe to our (small) mailing list:


I’m in Northern California too - every once in a while, several of us (try to) get together - or attend some gathering to chit chat and evangelize.

Maybe we’ll see you in the near future :slight_smile:

Thanks. Just joined. :sunglasses: