Haiku as fast router, better than Linux, BSD?

I have a little question about super speed core.
Has anyone tested the speed HAIKU as a very powerful router?
We are happy to found out how Haiku fell with his super fast compared to the core Linux and BSD?

What about portability of Linux software for Haiku?
Is the source code of the Linux source such as the GCC compiled BeOS HAIKU will work without changing the code?

Haiku is not intended to be a Network Operating system… I suggest you look into OpenSolaris, BSD and Linux and perhaps even Contiki if you need something super lightweight. They have varying license requirements BSD being most similar license wise to Haiku there are also implementaions of BSD with graphical intefaces by default.

Haiku is usually a bit slower than Linux and the rest most network drivers are ported directly from FreeBSD so support should be similar. Many programs from *nix compile on haiku but probably require a great deal of experience with build tools such as make autoconf and cmake etc…

Yes what you ask could be done… but it isn’t the goal of Haiku.

I hope I have answered your question. Your english is a bit broken so pardon me if I missunderstand.