Haiku and 1st gen Apple TV


Hi guys!

I have a 1st gen Apple TV collecting dust on my desk and think: It’s a very basic PC that orginally runs a striped down version of OS X, but with EFI. There was some effort to run linux on it, replacing the original system, but its hardware is very weak for a media center by current standards. Is there any way to boot haiku in it? Currently I have no dedicated machine to Haiku and have no space for a second computer, but this Apple TV is very compact and is already taking some space on my desk so…

Does anyone has any advice?

Thank you all!


Haiku currently does not offer support for ARM based devices. There are work on this field, but the target is not Apple iDevices. But you can send your patches nevertheless.


The 1st gen Apple TV isn’t an ARM based device, so that comment is irrelevant to the topic.


Thanks for the clarification.


It appears to be EFI on a 32 bit cpu. This is currently completely unsupported by Haiku.


Maybe Clover can help…


Hey guys! Thank you very much for your time in answering my question!

This Apple TV is a very weak hardware and I would like to run something not resource hungry on it, so Haiku would be the perfect choice if it could run on it.