Haiku Alpha Ready Hardware?

Hello, I have been interested in BeOS/Haiku since BeOS went down, unfortunately. I have check the website occasionally looking for an Alpha or Beta version and at last it looks near. I was wondering wich hardware do I need to run Haiku natively without any issues. I want to be ready since it is also time to buy new hardware for my self (I have a 6 years old imac g4).

In general Haiku hardware support has improved markedly of late. If you’re looking for something new your best bet is probably to look at components that generally have good open-source support. It’s no guarantee, but it seems much more likely that a component with open linux and *bsd drivers will wind up getting Haiku support. The Haikuware folks have also started an Hardware compatibility database, it’s pretty sparse but you might at least take a look: http://www.haikuware.com/sobi2/ . I’m sure others on here can give you more specific advice as well.

Thanks for the link, too bad there is not even one fully supported laptop. Haiku must find a hardware sponsor that releases all the drivers or donate for the bounty’s. Asus should do it, I will happily buy a laptop with a “haiku-ready” logo.

FWIW, the laptop I’m using at this very moment is pretty much fully supported.

It’s an older Dell Inspiron 1100 with a Celeron 2ghz (P4), 1gb RAM, BCM4401 network, i845 video, and ICH4 auich audio. Currently it has a 60gb disk with a couple Haiku partitions and Xubuntu 8.10… Unfortunately, it only has a 1024x768 LCD, which is pretty cramped for most things.

Since there’s no PCMCIA support yet in Haiku, that’s pretty much the only thing that doesn’t work.

LOL, I have a dead Dell 1100 laptop in a dusty corner. It doesn’t turn on anymore. That’s a shame. It would have been perfect