Haiku Activity & Contract Report, May 2024 | Haiku Project

This report covers hrev57720 through hrev57753.

nephele and PulkoMandy did some code cleanup and minor bugfixes to localized strings in the GLife screensaver.

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Kudos to all doing the hard work behind the scenes! :+1:


near by beta 5 ?


thank you for your best work!

Thank you everyone for your hard work.

Thanks everyones for you hard work.

B5 Release should be themed :wink:

Huzzah, indeed!

A quick reminder to all translators:

I keep the User Guide quite uptodate, adding and adjusting text and screeshots when changes hit the nightlies and the features appear to be stable. Now would be a good time to check for “fuzzy” blocks at the Online Tool and generally compare your translations and screenshots to the English original to spot where things may have diverged.


Sorry to bother, maybe this was mentioned somewhere but I couldn’t find it: is the online tool (i18n.haiku-os.org) login info different from the trac login (dev.haiku-os.org)? I can login into trac but not into the online tool.

Currently only Gerrit (review.haiku-os.org) is using our SSO, the rest is still with it’s own accounts.

Humdinger can probably make you an account for the translation tool.

Correct. More info at i18n/UserGuide – Haiku

Ah, nice to see somebody keeping such that up-to-date. I’d hate for that to be out-of-date like so much other documentation :+1: