Haiku A3 won't install to USB

I asked a question several months ago re installing Haiku to the hard drive which failed although the Live cd ran on the comp ( P4 Laptop ). I ended up with a screen dump and although was asked to upload the screen dump I didn’t bother.
I now have a different laptop and again Haiku runs on the Live cd , so I decided to load it onto a USB drive. All went well until about the 2/3 stage of the install when it stopped and gave me a screen dump. The comp was frozen at this stage. So, I would like to ask how does one upload a frozen screen dump?
Also, I use WPA on my wireless and I notice that A3 only uses WEP. Does anyone know when WPA will be up and running. ( No, I don’t want to change to WEP ).


It is not possible to create a screen capture of a crashed system :frowning: But it would be useful to know if this problem is reproducible. Can you try it again? I installed to USB from CD yesterday, so it is possible.

WPA was partially done and stopped due to some difficult bug. Hoprfully it will be resumed at some point in the future. But not likely soon.

After the screen dump appears (i’m supposing you’re in Kernel Debugging Land), type ‘bt’ then ‘reboot’ (or simply reboot manually if your keyboard doesn’t work). On reboot hold shift to enter the boot menu, you can then ‘Save syslog from previous session’ to a fat32 usb key.

These instructions are available with more details at http://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/ReportingBugs

We would be very thankful if you could provide a syslog, even better, create a ticket at dev.haiku-os.org . Don’t hesitate to ask for more help.

EDIT: if nothing works, a picture from a camera is better than nothing :slight_smile:

Andrew, thankyou for your reply. I wasn’t able to reproduce yesterdays effort. I have just this minute finished a successful USB install, although with a slight difference. Yesterdays install was on a Haiku initialisation, today the Haiku init was greyed out and I could only use the BeOS init. Perfect/normal install.
I am of the opinion that the install yesterday was faulty(?) from the start as it took so long to get upto the 2/3 point before failing. Whereas today it flew through the install.
Another thing I noticed, this morning when trying to format the USB drive Windows refused to look at it. I had to go into Disk management to get it to format.
Again, thankyou.