Haiku A-R1 is working in MS Virtual PC

Apologies is this is a duplicate effort. This morning I successfully installed and booted Haiku Alpha Release 1 in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. MS VPC 2007 is described here:

is free and can be downloaded here:

I realize that many people are already using VMWare quite successfully. However I wanted to try it out and see how it worked. My impression of Hailu under VPC is that it run OK but the mouse lags behind. I launched the teapot demo and got a frame rate of about 110 FPS. I didn’t try USB or audio.


When I tested haiku in MS-Virtual-PC a few months ago i noticed a huge latency at boot time ( > 30 seconds) .
Did you encountered such issues ?

Yes, I had done the same several weeks ago, and had the same problem with the mouse. Have you found any way to fix that. I’ve never seen it before with an OS in MSVM.

It takes me 13 seconds to boot Haiku in VPC.