Haiku 64bit runs well on Lenovo Thinkpad T450s

A few days ago I bought a used Thinkpad 450s in very good condition. My intention is to try to run Haiku on it as the main and only OS. I am writing this on it right now. My first experience with thinkpad keyboard…it’s amazing !

Hardware: i5, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard disk, 14’’ screen 1920x1080.
OS: Haiku 64-bit latest nightlies, currently hrev53452.

EFI booting after creating manually everything using DriveSetup. No problem at all.

Graphics card was not detected (Intel HD 5500) but runs on 1920x1080 OK. From installation USB I am certain that it showed VESA on screen prefrences. Now it shows “Framebuffer”. Don’t know why. Also no other resolution is available. Increased text size and working without problem. But I really miss the ability to adjust brightness. Aside from other things it makes big difference on battery usage. Any chance of supporting that card?

Sound works both on speakers and headphones (HDA) :slight_smile:
Wireless works ! (idualwifi7260).
Touchpad works but slow motion that cannot make it faster. Special thinkpad cursor works.
Both 2 batteries are detected and work OK.
Keyboard backlight works but I suspect this is handled directly in non-OS layer.

OS seems stable enough.
I do have a strange problem with Haiku Depot which I didn’t see it mentioned in the forums, so I am wondering…
I get the following message when loading HaikuDepot:
I cannot see Featured packages but I can search “All packages” and install without a problem.
Also OS updates work OK. But I would like to find a way to resolve it.

I plan to put the info on our hardware compatibility lists. Will search for the correct place…


You might want to show up on IRC to see if someone can help you debug the video card issue.

I have the same issues with Haiku-Depot on several machines. Dunno why, haven’t been able to solve it.

This happens because of a regression in Installer – it doesn’t create cache directory.
See this ticket https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/15145#comment:2

You need to create cache dir manually:

unmount ~/config
mkdir ~/config/cache

and reboot.


Glad that there is a work-around! I will try it tonight at home :slight_smile:

It worked :slight_smile:
But I cannot select a package in “Featured packages” with the mouse !!! Using arrow keys it selects, but doesn’t scroll.

Yes, this is a missing feature, see https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/11675.

Any idea why selecting featured packages with mouse is broken?